Financial Derivatives

Pallas Global Futures, subsidiary of Cheers Holding, has been registered officially at the U S. Commodity Futures Trading Committee. It is a licensed futures brokerage company, supervised by the U.S. National Futures Commission.

The company is located in the New York City. It is staffed with every stratum talent and armed with formidable financial resources, allowing it to deal with virtually any derivatives contract on any of the major exchanges, including CME, NYMEX, ICE, CBOT, LME, SGX and HKEX . The company has set up the leading futures trading platform and data processing center. With scientific and efficient risk control, it provides a fast and robust futures trading service for investors.

International Securities

Cheers Securities, subsidiary of Cheers Holding, is located on the New York City. It is one of the first and newest securities companies in the United States with a Chinese background.


Through a comprehensive global asset management system and abundant financial products, boosted by the power of financial technology, Cheers Securities is willing to help institutional and professional investors institutions to hedge market risk more efficiently and to improve the competitiveness in the aspects of system design, product design, market pricing and so on, and then to contribute to the prosperity and development of China’s financial market.

Fund Management

Cheers Investment Management, subsidiary of Cheers Holding, is one of the earliest hedge fund companies in China. In 2014, the company was registered as a hedge fund manager at the Asset Management Association of China and has become a highly productive financial institution for asset management. 

Investment Strategy

Wealth management

Cheers Wealth Management, subsidiary of Cheers Holding, is a professional wealth management company, whose aim is to provide of customer-oriented wealth management services. It offers both standard and customized wealth management services for the customers. It is devoted to provide abundant financial products, which include hedge fund products and private equity products, to satisfy customers with different risk preferences.

Financial technology

NetGolds Technology, subsidiary of Cheers Holding, has been providing a wide range of financial technology services, both hardware and software, to its clients which include hedge fund, mutual fund and stock and futures brokers. The services cover development of data processing system, strategy support system, integrated trading platform, risk control system and clearing system.

Finance Lease

Fukang Financial Leasing, subsidiary of Cheers Holding, closely related to the core customers, carries out financial leasing services which integrate production and financing, so as to provide enterprises with “one-stop” financial service through their entire growth cycle.  The company strives to build the underlying asset portfolio of any financing lease, which is of good quality, risk controllable and income steady. Through continuous improvement, the company provides a comprehensive, professional and diversified financial services for its customers, and is committed to thriving as an innovative financial leasing-service provider in China.

Financial research

Cheers Financial Research Institute is a financial think tank which has close relationship with top universities and financial institutions. It has a team of industry-leading professional scholars and governmental officials and has conducted theoretical and practical research in the economic and financial fields.

Financial education

Furen Financial Education(Cheers Financial Education) has formulated a series of hedge-fund curricula by building a platform for learning, for research, and for practice in order to cultivate financial talents armed with advanced financial knowledge and strong practical ability in international financial markets. At the same time, Furen Financial Education also provides job training for young people who are determined to work or start a business in the financial field and achieve their life-dreams as soon as possible.


The International Hedge Fund Incubator was founded jointly by Cheers Holding and the Hefei Luyang District government under the cooperation framework between Hefei and Shanghai. The establishment of the incubator, guided by the spirit of financial system reform, is to take full advantages of R&D and talent resources in the outstanding science and technology universities in Hefei. By consolidating both domestic and international hedge fund industry resources, the incubator aims to form a new financial development platform and become an innovative highland of financial technology in the region. The incubator offers incentive programs, policy support and operation support, which include rent subsidy, fund seeding, license application and so on, to help the growth of small and medium size hedge fund and financial technology firms. So far, dozens of investment companies, financial technology companies, banks, security companies, future companies, accounting firms and law firms have opened their offices in the incubator.

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